An Líonadh

Return to Wolf's Run - Triumphant!
Children rescued

Making their way out of the Monastery and caverns below, Davor, Corlo and Marcus find themselves surrounded by a guard force send by the Lumber Consortium. Professing disbelief at their story, the guards nonetheless express gratitude for saving the towns children. Despite the deaths of so many loggers, Muttonchops and the boy Michael Thumbs, everyone is in good spirits. Rendezvousing at the largest logging camp in the woods, the group finally is able to relax. Managing the camp is none other than their old friend, Benthan Marti. Once again ingratiating himself with Davor and Corlo, Benthan accompanies the group back to Wolf’s Run, now only few days away by wagon.

Davor, Corlo and Marcus are received as heroes in Wolf’s Run. The families are overjoyed with the return of their children. The towns butcher Garl Thumbs breaks down when he receives word his son, Michael, was killed. Mayor Connacht, professing his gratitude, then tuns to his son, asking if he’s finished being such a bother, sending him back to the Connacht estate. Declaring a festival is to be held in held in their honor three days hence, the town, surrounding hamlets, villages, and farmsteads come to Wolf’s Run to show their appreciation. Given rewards by the Connacht family, the Lumber Consortium and a collection of gifts from the townsfolk, the Corlo, Davor and Marcus are treated to a well earned rest. During the ceremony, the Mayor makes a speech indicating that he will be bringing more guards from the Lumber Consortium to provide security for the town, as the current officials are incapable of doing so. The Mayor, uncharacteristically makes no effort to hide that the comments are directed at Sheriff Peidmont. The Mayor speaks with Davor, Corlo and Marcus later, again thanking them for saving his son.

Over the next few days, Davor is approached by Delo Peidmont and hired as a deputy. Meanwhile Marcus accepts a proposition by Mayor Connacht to work for the Lumber Consortium.

Rescued from the bore
Missing children

Delving deeper into the caves beneath the Monastery, Davor, Marcus, Corlo, and the recently rescued Kami Surefoot discover an ancient borehole piercing deep into the bedrock. Descending through caverns and the bore itself, they pursue the dark ones and missing children.

A huge basalt seal, placed over the bore preventing further travel below has been shattered by the dark ones. Marcus, being of quick mind and study, determined that the dark ones originally entered the cavern from small cracks in the far wall, emerging into the Monastery above to conduct their raids on the citizens of Wolf’s Run and the surrounding wood. Where they came from, is still unknown. Ambushed, the group survives a vicious assault as they investigate the cavern, seal, and ancient human remains. Marcus again leads the group down even further into the darkness. Pushing deeper, they discover two of the missing children, Collin Peony and Gendrick Hjarl being held captive by dark ones. Rescuing both Collin and Gendrick, it’s decided to press on deeper into the bore and find Cassandra and Anders.

Reaching the end of the bore, the bedraggled group emerges onto balcony overlooking a cavern below them. Illuminated by bioluminescent fungus on the walls, and pollen in the air, they see a massive root stretching from one side of the cavern to another. The root, unlike anything seen by them before, gently lets off pollen and a slight glow. Behind the root, on the far wall, a massive granite wall carving, shattered down the middle looms over the cave. All that can be made out on the carving is a giant figure, facing off against a group of smaller figures. Time and the elements have worn down much that was not damaged.

As they take stock of the scene before them, two figures, a dark one and mailed human, emerged from a tunnel beneath them. Dragging the Mayor of Wolf’s Run son, Anders Connacht, behind them. Throwing the boy onto a makeshift altar the dark one looked toward the human who had climbed onto the root. Drawing a sword, man strikes deeply into the root, parting it like flesh. Green sap poured forth. Gingerly the man wedges the gash open with obsidian blocks.

Wasting no time, Corlo, Marucs and Davor engage the two. Unseen by them, a third figure, a hulking brute of a dark one had remained in the tunnel opening, along with two smaller dark ones. Charging the larger dark one, Corlo’s cat drove it back into the unlit tunnel. Facing off against the dark one, Marcus and Corlo defend Anders and push the dark one toward the tunnel. Behind them, Davor and the mailed man, neither giving ground despite ferocious blows being traded, battled over the gash struck into the root. Sap continued to flow from the roots wound, reaching one of the dark ones facing Corlo. As the dark one’s feet became covered by the sap, a fleshy tendril of plant matter erupts out of the roots wound. Snaking around the dark one, Corlo and Davor see it lifted off its feet and pulled into the roots innards.

Dispatching the dark one, Corlo and Marcus push after the large dark one and the cat. Quickly moving down the tunnel, they see the dark one standing over the felled cat, and an unconscious Cassandra Kreiger. The dark one, seeing it is outnumbered, envelops the room in darkness and flees out of the tunnel, dashing up the wall and out of the cavern before Corlo, or Marcus could stop it. Davor meanwhile, struck down the armored man. Collecting the children, Davor, Marcus and Corlo breath in relief. Reunited with each other, the children Cassandra, Collin, Anders, Gendrick and Kami cling to one another, overjoyed to see one another unharmed.

Where the story is

The group has survived a pitched battle under a busted up Monestary on the northern edge of the against some strange scaley men wrapped in filthy rags, that could extinguish the light around you, and run along the walls/ceilings. Unfortunately, a local child and some fellow adventurers died during the course of the battle. Muttonchops died shielding Michael Thumbs from the men wrapped in rags. Your friends the swashbuckler died, and the sneaky woman skipped out on you. As you are recovering from the battle with the creature by the old forge, Ryse and Arcus join you.

Your mission is/was to locate and rescue the missing kids from Wolf’s Run and the surrounding Hamlets.

None of you have ever heard of men that can cause light to dissapear, nor would you hav believed that men could run along the walls/ceilings. Each of you knows this is a bad place, and whatever is going on isn’t natural. There are LOTS of dead bodies in the basement now. It’s a bloodbath.

Your party now consists of:
Davor Trog, a huge half-orc warrior.
Corlo Menas, a sharpshooting adventurer.
Arcus Ardolin, a skilled tracker and bounty hunter.
Ryse Isletius, a young cavalryman.

Traveling with you are:
An animal companion (Panther), temporarily under the control of Corlo.
Kami Surefoot, one of the missing children.
Parn, Squire to Ryse. Controlled by Jerad. Currently standing guard outside.
Roma, An animal companion/mount. (Horse). Controlled by Ryse. Currently outside with Parn.

Cassandra Kreiger – MISSING
Kami Surefoot – Traveling with the party.
Michael ThumbsDEAD
Gendrick Hjarl – MISSING
Anders Connacht – MISSING

Arcus and Ryse's intro to the campaign

Arcus begins his adventures in the town of Wolf’s Run, far to the North in Asturias. The town is unfriendly to outsiders, viewing them all with a measure of distrust. Its major export is ironwood from the nearby forest. The Lumber Consortium controls the town, and surrounding territory with an iron fist. Arcus came north in the hopes of finding work, which has been steadily getting more difficult. Troubles in the western marches has destabilized much of the area (Western area on the map we looked at). Local warlords vie for position and land against the seemingly shrinking presence of the Asturian Army. Needless to say, Arcus felt it might be prudent to head elsewhere for gainful employment.

Arcus learned the following about the town after a few days of residence – many migrant workers are coming to log the forests. The workers pass along that work elsewhere in the country is drying up, tensions along the eastern border and raids into the Verduan forest make logging there dangerous. The forests to the south are filled with bandits and evil spirits that will steal a mans soul. So, despite Wolf’s Run being one of the more dangerous places in Asurias – it’s really the last major settlement before the Western Marches begin, workers are flocking here because work is steady and pays well. Workers come in, bodies inevitably end up at the local morgue and in the surrounding cemeteries. Local legends tell of spriggans, werewolves, boggans etc., eating you in the night. Arcus is more convinced that banditry and murder will get you than any monster that goes bump in the night.

Several other bounty hunters are posted up here now. Through professional courtesy, Arcus learned that every now and then, a wanted man arrives in town. It’s good money to pick them up and deliver them to the local constabulary. Justice is swift and unforgiving in these lands.

Recently there has been talk of local children from the town proper and surrounding hamlets going missing. At first it was just talk, however now it’s spiraled into something else. The town mayor, Ricard Connact and head of the lumber consortium has put out a reward and charged those willing to brave the forests a large reward for their safe return (50 golden marks) for the kids return. HIs son is one of the missing children. Arcus, and a large number of “able” men signed up and have ventured into the woods under the orders of the local Sheriff, Delo Piedmont. Delo assigned the volunteers into groups and assigned them sections of the woods to search. Arcus was grouped up with a few local toughs, a short little man named Muttonchops (Arcus is convinced he was a halfling, but having never seen one, and Muttonchops insisting his father and mother were just wee folk from over the river, he’s not sure what to make of him), and a young man named Ryse. Muttonchops and Ryse by far seemed the more competent of the group. Muttonchops was an easy going fellow, quick with a song and friendly to a fault. Ryse is a proud young man, sure of himself and dotes on his warhorse. (See end of email for the names of the missing kids)

During the search, Arcus picked up the trail of what he believed to be a group of men with a child with them. Arcus, being skilled in woodscraft felt that the child was being taken forcibly due to how the tracks seemed to indicate the person was partially dragged. The trail led his group north over the river and toward the mountains. Arcus is at home in the woods, however these unnerved him. The stories of the place being dangerous seem very real to him.

During the search, Arcus and Ryse were split off from Muttonchops and the local toughs. A group of “men” ambushed the group at night. Despite being competent warriors, Arcus and Ryse withdrew when the nights darkness seemed to rise up and swallow them. The tracks led Arcus and Ryse through some difficult parts of the forest, and the warhorse Ryse rode slowed the pursuit down more than Arcus would have liked. As the two rushed to catch up to Muttonchops, Arcus saw that more tracks had converged on the path. Three or four men were on the trail now as well. Arcus and Ryse arrived at a broken down Monastery on the northern edge of the forest. All tracks went into the Monastery, no fresh ones emerged. Arcus saw older tracks he believed indicated more than one child had been taken inside. Venturing into the Monastery, Arcus and Ryse were met with the results of a pitched battle. The dead littered the floors of the basement. Muttonchops and a child, the local toughs, a few loggers, and members of another search party lay dead on the ground. Surrounding them are men that have scalely skin, and covered themselves from head to toe in rags – possibly the same men that attacked Arcus and Ryse. Upon examining the child, Arcus and Ryse identify him as Michael Thumbs, son of the local butcher. Both the butchers son, and Muttonchops were bound and gagged. Muttonchops had tried to shield the boy with his own body as they were hacked to pieces. A grisly end to a nice man, and innocent boy.

Pressing further into the basement, Arcus and Ryse come upon another search party comprised of a huge half-orc, and a smaller man, with one of the missing children with them – Kami Surefoot. They appear to be about to descend into a lower part of the basement, or more likely a cave system below in pursuit of the rest of the children. All of them are bloodied, and have grim faces.

Ryse's intro to the group

Ryse played the same beginning part that the other group members did. He opted not to help the child/maiden/crone. Instead, he was pursued through the forest by the Huntsman. Escaping, he made his way to Wolf’s Run where he was paid for his services by the Lumber Consortium. Before he left St. Lo, Ryse secured the services of a Squire (Parn).

Continued re-cap. Inn through Wolf's Run.

Super rough and quick re-cap. Death by GM day.

While in the Inn, “swashbuckler” defends himself in a bar brawl, but attempts to kill the locals fighting him with his new weapon. This occurs in the presence of the local sheriff. The sheriff fines the swashbuckler and throws him out of the Inn. Swashbuckler mouths off, vandalizes the front door of the Inn and ends up in an altercation with the Sheriff, who he tries to kill. The Sheriff takes him prisoner and takes him back to St. Lo for trial. The party travels with the Swashbuckler. The swashbuckler attempts to escape and is caught. When he’s put on trial, he’s hung. The party continues on to Wolf’s Run.

Arriving in Wolf’s Run, the party gets settled and tries to get paid by the Lumber Consortium. Citing Benthan’s report where they failed to finish the job, they are not paid.

The party learns of missing local children. Corlo has a sinking feeling that one of them could be his child. The party investigates the missing kids. Tracking them north through the forest, they come upon an old Monastery. going inside, they fight scaley rag wrapped men that seem to be able to extinguish light and run along walls. They save one of the children, but their actions cause Muttonchops and another child to die.

Rough recap of events

This is a rough re-cap of events from the first few sessions. Missing are the combats. This is more of a high level GM style notes, however it encompasses most of the events. (Yes these are my GM notes to keep track of what events I wanted happening)

PC’s hire on as guards for loggers going to Arthfell. They have been having problems with bandits along the way. The Arthfell is “haunted”, rumors etc. Forest is dark and foreboding. They feel uneasy, as if they were being watched.

PC’s encounter a girl who’s being threatened by a ruffian. PC’s run off the ruffian. Girl stays with the for a night. PC’s wake the next day, girl has run off. Girl was traveling with her grandmother. Got separated when the ruffian attacked. Asks the PC’s to help her find her. Loggers want nothing to do with her, and won’t stop. PC’s have to choose between helping the girl, or sticking with the loggers. The forest is less creepy in this part. Warm and alive. Verdant.

PC’s find a young woman, 20s-30s who’s plowing a field. She’s struggling to replant her garden as some loggers came through and took her crop. She asks for help planting as she’s exhausted and can’t do it by herself. PC’s help her, she puts them up for the night. Sees them off in the morning. Gives them fresh food, mead and honey. Honey is medicinal, used on injuries – jar always refills when near forests with fey, bees come. All the colors in the forest are brighter in this part. More alive.

PC’s run across an old woman with the girl from the previous day. The wagon they use had thrown a wheel and the old woman can’t get it out. The old woman says they can travel with her on the wagon if they help get it out and repaired.
After they help, old woman offers them their fortunes. Asks for donation, as the fortune can’t be read without one. (All money will have been taken no matter how much they put in. Find out later.) They each receive an item from the old woman that will advance with them in levels. The girl kisses each of them on the forehead in thanks for their help. That night they sleep, they feel utterly secure. The ground they sleep on is soft. They dream of their mothers.

In the morning they wake up and the wagon is ancient and broken down. They are not far from a path. Traveling for the rest of the day, they reach the Inn (from Haunted Forest). Inside the Inn, when they enter it’s extremely loud and brash. It feels out of place for them. The travelers in the Inn eye them strangely. The Innkeeper will ask them if they are all right. PC’s clothes and their hair etc look like they’ve been in the woods for months. Innkeeper asks them to recount their story. When they do, a local in the Inn says that they met the Spirit of Arthfell Forest, a Fey Lord. Daughter of Maghda, the Eldest. Or so the legend goes.

If they say they received gifts, they are told they are undoubtedly magic in nature and tied to the fey. Of the kiss from the child, the man says they are marked as fey friend. When asked how long they were in there, or if they ask the date. What was 3 days for them was 3 months in the world. The loggers went missing in the forest and didn’t make it out. PC’s can surmise that they were in a part of the forest where the lines between the first world and theirs was blurred. PC’s were helping the forest. Child mirrors the forest being afraid of loggers. Woman farming represents the woods being destroyed. Old woman is the PC’s helping the woods get back on track, and that working with the forest nets a reward.
First Session Recap

Session 1

Mid Fall, Harvest Festival.
Saint Lo, Asturias.

Saint Lo is a large city, both refined and rough & tumble. Close enough to the capital of Asturias Castran to have airs of sophistication, yet near enough to the Western Reach that the frontier spirit that made the city never quite leaves the air. Straddling the Belkan River, Saint Lo is known for it’s silver smiths and for being home to the main branch of the Lumber Consortium.

The Lumber Consortium, rumored to be the most powerful entity in Asturias aside from the Senate and Emperor, owns logging rights to every major forest in the country. Most of the commoners in the Western Reach work for, have worked for, or have family who have worked for the Lumber Consortium.

The party find themselves in the midst of the fall harvest festival. It’s 3 day long celebration of well earned revelry. Families celebrate the return of their wives and husbands from the summer logging camps, and the completion of the years harvest. Travelers from all over the area flock to Saint Lo for these three days.

The Silver Carp Inn
Dockside District, Saint Lo.
Day One of the Fall Harvest Festival
Mid Evening Bell

Summarization of the introduction to the campaign

(Addressing the Party) The atmosphere in Saint Lo is jubilant, and the populous has begin celebrating in earnest. The streets are full of dancers, drunks, partiers and those just out for a good time. Pushing your respective ways through the crowd, each of you knows you will need to find a bed for the evening, and the later it gets, the less likely it is one will be found, if there is even a chance due to the influx of travelers. Taking a quick turn into one of the better-lit alleys in the Dock District, you come across a well worn sign featuring a rather dull fish. Perhaps at one time it had been painted to appear silver, only the barest hint of the metallic color remains. Seeing through the wax paper windows, light and hearing a low murmur of patrons, you decide to try your luck for a place to bed down for the night.

As each of you arrives (Separately or together), you take a moment to look around when you enter. The Silver Carp Inn has definitely seen better days. Knobby chairs, and well worn tables are setup haphazardly on a slightly buckling floor. A bar sits against the back wall, with a greasy fat man wiping up a spilled ale. Glancing up at you as you enter, he smiles and says, “Welcome to the Silver Carp Inn, the finest establishment this side of the Belkan River. Can I get you anything?” Settling onto a stool at the bar, you begin inquiring about room and board. Thankfully there seems to be one or two rooms available, despite the odds being against you.

Each of you finds yourself at the only table open that doesn’t have chairs with splinters. The bar is getting more lively as the evening passes. The owner, Helmut Buckle, has begun turning away travelers who are looking for lodging. It appears you got the last room. And it wasn’t a cheap room, Helmut charged a price he can only charge due to the Festival going full swing. You are painfully aware that your funds are getting precariously low. Without saying anything to one another, sobering looks into your coin purse, and a glance at one another leave little doubt each of you has seen better days.

After discussing your situation, and introducing yourselves to one another, Helmut piped in from the bar that he knows someone who is hiring protection for an exploratory logging expedition. The table, being close enough to the bar that Helmut’s practiced ear was able to pick up the off comment on the sorry state of your finances, and his honed eye took in your patchwork coin purse the second you paid for the room and meal.
Pointing at a table not far from yours, Helmut introduced the man, named Benthan Marti to all of you, clearly saying that the man is hiring for a logging expedition into the Arthfell Forest to the west.

Joining you at the table, Benthan introduces himself as manager of a grand logging research expedition, to boldly seek out new cuts, and new lumber opportunities. To determine if the forest has recovered enough from the logging done one hundred years ago, to produce new masts for the shipyards to the south. Benthan, speaking with a slight lisp and gesturing expansively with his fingers and hands, claims the job would pay extremely well and is a fine opportunity to advance ones career. Benthan points the group to the Consortium Headquarters, saying they will need to apply there for the guard positions. He is looking to leave the morning of the third day of the festival and suggests going first thing in the morning.

Davor, after the conversation with Benthan is harassed by orc hating patrons in the bar. One of them, seeking to pick a fight with him, throws a punch. Responding with a thunderous blow from his rock hard fist, Davor laid out the man, much to the admiration of Benthan.

Insert PC Name, taking the opportunity to explore the city and festival a bit, drunkenly wandered out of the bar and staggered off for some adventure. Returning late in the evening, he passes out in a drunken stupor.

Insert Swashbuckler name stayed in the bar, having ben offered a free tab by a drunken Davor. Picking a well off woman for a dalliance, he ran up a large tab and retired for the night with the woman.

Insert gunslinger name turned in early, and woke fresh in the morning.

As everyone settled up the bill from the previous night, sorcey PC found out that while he wandered the city, he was pick pocketed and lost all his remaining money. Davor, ends up paying for everything.


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