Ryse Isletius

(Player) Cavalier, All-Around Badass




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Ryse came from a very powerful noble aristocratic family that had deep ties in the senate and had pull with the Emperor himself. Ryse’s line of the family was all but dissolved when the top senators held a closed vote on the matter giving the nod to allow his parents (Artago and Fazda) to be assassinated in light of the evidence brought to them by Ryse’s uncle. Vanderan, the uncle, and also a lower senator, implicated Ryse’s parents in a plot to kill the emperor. Artago (Ryse’s father) was a close friend a confidant of the Emperor, had ascended too quickly, and held too strong a sway over the Emperor for the likes of the other senators… so when the evidence was brought forward by the greedy uncle they found it too easy to overlook any holes in the story. Artago and Fazda were poisoned while eating dinner and died within a matter of moments. Ryse of course was absent from the meal, and instead was up to his usual tendencies of drinking and cavorting clandestinely at a local whore-house. Unbeknownst to all, an assassin also attempted to kill Ryse as well, but killed the wrong person at the whore-house instead. The assassin reported the deed done to the uncle, and the uncle in turn issued a statement that Ryse had hung himself in grief over the death of his parents. The noble house lives on, now headed by Ryse’s uncle Vanderan (who had no other path to the family wealth, so long as Ryse, his brother and his father are alive).

Ryse has one younger brother, Rystlen, who is a calvary officer in the military on the frontier. The uncle is able to take the head of the household due to a technicality of the brother not being present to claim the head of the table. He currently continues to serve in calvary at an unknown location and may not even be aware of what has transpired. Ryse is certain that his parents would never have betrayed the Emperor and that his uncle somehow framed his parents in the crime. Ryse himself would have assumed the head of the noble house, but didn’t knowing that his uncle (who had already tried to kill him once) would immediately do so again upon learning that he was still alive. Left with no allies, and knowing that his brothers life too might be endangered, Ryse sets off into the world in order to gain some powerful allies, obtain some fighting skills, possibly save his brothers life, and eventually reclaim his place at the head of his household. Hopefully Rystlen’s affiliation with the military, and his distance from the capital will buy Ryse some time to get his shit together.

Short Term Goal #1: Embed himself in a powerful organization (started with joining the trade consortium)
Short Term Goal #2: Learn the location and status of his brother
Long Term Goal #1: Clear his family name, reunite with his brother and re-take his place at the head of the family.

Ryse Isletius

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