Welcome to “an líonadh”, the rising tide.

A campaign centered around an impoverished nation seeking to reconcile a proud history, with it’s diminished stature in the world. Self serving men strive to plunder the land for all its resources, elder powers stir from their long sleep, and an evil begins to take hold of those who fear.

On the western most edge of the realm, where the primordial forest has been pushed back to near extinction, something lurks. The lumber consortium fears to log these woods, and the great ship building cities to the south face economic ruin as the timber shipments slowly dry up. Unrest is growing, and rebellion is a real possibility. Lawlessness is a reality as only the larger hamlets provide safety. Bandits and cultists of long forgotten idols ply the once safe roadways.

To the east in the capital, political factions battle each other for supremacy. Foreign nations, sensing weakness seek to install their own puppets to seize control of everything. Insulated from the chaos in the west, the capital and lands of the east reap profits from the lush and fertile plains. Food is plentiful, and those in power choose not to see the danger brewing just over the river.

Rumors have been forming along the trade routes of the western marches that the spirit of the forest is awakening, and a bandit city has arisen. Good men and women are needed to protect the logging expeditions being sent into the old forests. Coin is plentiful for the brave, or so they say. There are opportunities for enterprising folk, if only the bold ones.

Will you brave the unknown and seek a life of adventure?

An Líonadh

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