An Líonadh

Continued re-cap. Inn through Wolf's Run.

Super rough and quick re-cap. Death by GM day.

While in the Inn, “swashbuckler” defends himself in a bar brawl, but attempts to kill the locals fighting him with his new weapon. This occurs in the presence of the local sheriff. The sheriff fines the swashbuckler and throws him out of the Inn. Swashbuckler mouths off, vandalizes the front door of the Inn and ends up in an altercation with the Sheriff, who he tries to kill. The Sheriff takes him prisoner and takes him back to St. Lo for trial. The party travels with the Swashbuckler. The swashbuckler attempts to escape and is caught. When he’s put on trial, he’s hung. The party continues on to Wolf’s Run.

Arriving in Wolf’s Run, the party gets settled and tries to get paid by the Lumber Consortium. Citing Benthan’s report where they failed to finish the job, they are not paid.

The party learns of missing local children. Corlo has a sinking feeling that one of them could be his child. The party investigates the missing kids. Tracking them north through the forest, they come upon an old Monastery. going inside, they fight scaley rag wrapped men that seem to be able to extinguish light and run along walls. They save one of the children, but their actions cause Muttonchops and another child to die.



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