An Líonadh

Rescued from the bore

Missing children

Delving deeper into the caves beneath the Monastery, Davor, Marcus, Corlo, and the recently rescued Kami Surefoot discover an ancient borehole piercing deep into the bedrock. Descending through caverns and the bore itself, they pursue the dark ones and missing children.

A huge basalt seal, placed over the bore preventing further travel below has been shattered by the dark ones. Marcus, being of quick mind and study, determined that the dark ones originally entered the cavern from small cracks in the far wall, emerging into the Monastery above to conduct their raids on the citizens of Wolf’s Run and the surrounding wood. Where they came from, is still unknown. Ambushed, the group survives a vicious assault as they investigate the cavern, seal, and ancient human remains. Marcus again leads the group down even further into the darkness. Pushing deeper, they discover two of the missing children, Collin Peony and Gendrick Hjarl being held captive by dark ones. Rescuing both Collin and Gendrick, it’s decided to press on deeper into the bore and find Cassandra and Anders.

Reaching the end of the bore, the bedraggled group emerges onto balcony overlooking a cavern below them. Illuminated by bioluminescent fungus on the walls, and pollen in the air, they see a massive root stretching from one side of the cavern to another. The root, unlike anything seen by them before, gently lets off pollen and a slight glow. Behind the root, on the far wall, a massive granite wall carving, shattered down the middle looms over the cave. All that can be made out on the carving is a giant figure, facing off against a group of smaller figures. Time and the elements have worn down much that was not damaged.

As they take stock of the scene before them, two figures, a dark one and mailed human, emerged from a tunnel beneath them. Dragging the Mayor of Wolf’s Run son, Anders Connacht, behind them. Throwing the boy onto a makeshift altar the dark one looked toward the human who had climbed onto the root. Drawing a sword, man strikes deeply into the root, parting it like flesh. Green sap poured forth. Gingerly the man wedges the gash open with obsidian blocks.

Wasting no time, Corlo, Marucs and Davor engage the two. Unseen by them, a third figure, a hulking brute of a dark one had remained in the tunnel opening, along with two smaller dark ones. Charging the larger dark one, Corlo’s cat drove it back into the unlit tunnel. Facing off against the dark one, Marcus and Corlo defend Anders and push the dark one toward the tunnel. Behind them, Davor and the mailed man, neither giving ground despite ferocious blows being traded, battled over the gash struck into the root. Sap continued to flow from the roots wound, reaching one of the dark ones facing Corlo. As the dark one’s feet became covered by the sap, a fleshy tendril of plant matter erupts out of the roots wound. Snaking around the dark one, Corlo and Davor see it lifted off its feet and pulled into the roots innards.

Dispatching the dark one, Corlo and Marcus push after the large dark one and the cat. Quickly moving down the tunnel, they see the dark one standing over the felled cat, and an unconscious Cassandra Kreiger. The dark one, seeing it is outnumbered, envelops the room in darkness and flees out of the tunnel, dashing up the wall and out of the cavern before Corlo, or Marcus could stop it. Davor meanwhile, struck down the armored man. Collecting the children, Davor, Marcus and Corlo breath in relief. Reunited with each other, the children Cassandra, Collin, Anders, Gendrick and Kami cling to one another, overjoyed to see one another unharmed.



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