An Líonadh

Rough recap of events

This is a rough re-cap of events from the first few sessions. Missing are the combats. This is more of a high level GM style notes, however it encompasses most of the events. (Yes these are my GM notes to keep track of what events I wanted happening)

PC’s hire on as guards for loggers going to Arthfell. They have been having problems with bandits along the way. The Arthfell is “haunted”, rumors etc. Forest is dark and foreboding. They feel uneasy, as if they were being watched.

PC’s encounter a girl who’s being threatened by a ruffian. PC’s run off the ruffian. Girl stays with the for a night. PC’s wake the next day, girl has run off. Girl was traveling with her grandmother. Got separated when the ruffian attacked. Asks the PC’s to help her find her. Loggers want nothing to do with her, and won’t stop. PC’s have to choose between helping the girl, or sticking with the loggers. The forest is less creepy in this part. Warm and alive. Verdant.

PC’s find a young woman, 20s-30s who’s plowing a field. She’s struggling to replant her garden as some loggers came through and took her crop. She asks for help planting as she’s exhausted and can’t do it by herself. PC’s help her, she puts them up for the night. Sees them off in the morning. Gives them fresh food, mead and honey. Honey is medicinal, used on injuries – jar always refills when near forests with fey, bees come. All the colors in the forest are brighter in this part. More alive.

PC’s run across an old woman with the girl from the previous day. The wagon they use had thrown a wheel and the old woman can’t get it out. The old woman says they can travel with her on the wagon if they help get it out and repaired.
After they help, old woman offers them their fortunes. Asks for donation, as the fortune can’t be read without one. (All money will have been taken no matter how much they put in. Find out later.) They each receive an item from the old woman that will advance with them in levels. The girl kisses each of them on the forehead in thanks for their help. That night they sleep, they feel utterly secure. The ground they sleep on is soft. They dream of their mothers.

In the morning they wake up and the wagon is ancient and broken down. They are not far from a path. Traveling for the rest of the day, they reach the Inn (from Haunted Forest). Inside the Inn, when they enter it’s extremely loud and brash. It feels out of place for them. The travelers in the Inn eye them strangely. The Innkeeper will ask them if they are all right. PC’s clothes and their hair etc look like they’ve been in the woods for months. Innkeeper asks them to recount their story. When they do, a local in the Inn says that they met the Spirit of Arthfell Forest, a Fey Lord. Daughter of Maghda, the Eldest. Or so the legend goes.

If they say they received gifts, they are told they are undoubtedly magic in nature and tied to the fey. Of the kiss from the child, the man says they are marked as fey friend. When asked how long they were in there, or if they ask the date. What was 3 days for them was 3 months in the world. The loggers went missing in the forest and didn’t make it out. PC’s can surmise that they were in a part of the forest where the lines between the first world and theirs was blurred. PC’s were helping the forest. Child mirrors the forest being afraid of loggers. Woman farming represents the woods being destroyed. Old woman is the PC’s helping the woods get back on track, and that working with the forest nets a reward.



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