An Líonadh

Where the story is

The group has survived a pitched battle under a busted up Monestary on the northern edge of the against some strange scaley men wrapped in filthy rags, that could extinguish the light around you, and run along the walls/ceilings. Unfortunately, a local child and some fellow adventurers died during the course of the battle. Muttonchops died shielding Michael Thumbs from the men wrapped in rags. Your friends the swashbuckler died, and the sneaky woman skipped out on you. As you are recovering from the battle with the creature by the old forge, Ryse and Arcus join you.

Your mission is/was to locate and rescue the missing kids from Wolf’s Run and the surrounding Hamlets.

None of you have ever heard of men that can cause light to dissapear, nor would you hav believed that men could run along the walls/ceilings. Each of you knows this is a bad place, and whatever is going on isn’t natural. There are LOTS of dead bodies in the basement now. It’s a bloodbath.

Your party now consists of:
Davor Trog, a huge half-orc warrior.
Corlo Menas, a sharpshooting adventurer.
Arcus Ardolin, a skilled tracker and bounty hunter.
Ryse Isletius, a young cavalryman.

Traveling with you are:
An animal companion (Panther), temporarily under the control of Corlo.
Kami Surefoot, one of the missing children.
Parn, Squire to Ryse. Controlled by Jerad. Currently standing guard outside.
Roma, An animal companion/mount. (Horse). Controlled by Ryse. Currently outside with Parn.

Cassandra Kreiger – MISSING
Kami Surefoot – Traveling with the party.
Michael ThumbsDEAD
Gendrick Hjarl – MISSING
Anders Connacht – MISSING



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