Captain Charles Morgan

Captain of the Butcher-Shop Marines


Charles Norris Morgan is the Leader of the detachment of the Butcher-Shop Marines.
Charles is focused in Diplomacy (+9)

HP: 62, AC: 22, T: 13, FF: 19
F: +6, R: +3, W: +2

Melee (Longsword): “+9, d8 +8”, Melee (Longspear): “+8, d8 +3”
Ranged: “+7, d10”


Charles comes from a proud military family. His father was a high ranking official, like his grandfather before him, as was intended for him and his three older brothers. Unfortunately, he did not want to take part in the family tradition. Instead of joining the army when he came of age, he associated with local hoodlums and often butted heads with the local authority. His natural inherited physical prowess got him an enforcer job in the trade consortium. During a job, he was saddled with the blame of a botched extortion-turned-murder and was immediately arrested. The local magistrate was lenient on his case due to his family’s reputation and gave him the option of a life of forced hard labor in the salt mines or forced conscription in the army. Seeing this as a chance to redeem himself, he immediately decided on the later option and was enlisted.

Normally, his family’s reputation and prophesies of his ensured greatness would have put him the on the fast track to being the newest of his family’s high ranking military status but he turned down all hands outs were given to him. In the beginning, he decided to earn every promotion that was given to him like a normal recruit and earn his place in the eventual hierarchy. He wanted to give all others the chance of redemption that he was given.

Rumors of his exploits while climbing the ranks were over-exaggerated by thankful former redeemed soldiers and fellow citizens that he had saved over the years. Current rumors say that he is a God-among-men and that he can take down the heavens themselves.

Some say that with a single glare, he personally made sure the imperialistic demons of the east never made it to the innocent citizens of the west to take their freedoms.

It is said that when the fey heard of his birth they ran back to the dreaded Arthfell Forest from whence they came.

Captain Charles Morgan

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