Clint "Pork Chop" Espada

Butcher-Shop Marine


Clint is member of the Elite Bucher-Shop Marines.
Clint specializes in Perception(8) and Survival(8)

HP: 38, AC: 17, T: 11, FF: 16
F: +5, R: +2, W: +3

Melee: +6 d8 +4, Ranged: +4 d10


Clint is the country bumpkin that lived a peaceful life in the western reaches. In his spare time, he would track down small game for his quite large in-bred family. He has a knack for being able to spot trouble before it spots him, and survive in the wilderness if need be. When a military captain came through his family’s land, asking for a guide of the local area, he volunteered. He was the first to be recruited by Captain Morgan.

Clint "Pork Chop" Espada

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