Corlo Menas



Basic Stats
HP :31
AC :19
T :14
FF :15

F: 6 R: 8 W: 2

Ability Scores:
STR: 11 DEX: 17 CON: 12 INT: 14 WIS: 14 CHA: 10

To Hit:
Masterwork Heavy Repeating Crossbow (Deadly Aim) +6 d10 +3
Masterwork Kukri +6 d4

Perception +8
Stealth +13

Weapon/Armor Prof:
All simple and Martial
Light Armor

Mead Horn
Jar of Honey



Corlo is originally from Augustana(Andor). His family used to be a minor merchant house in the west of Andor. Their merchant caravans were some of the few that illegally plied their trade between Andor and Cheliax. After aiding escaped slaves from Cheliax for many years and finally being exposed as enemies of the House of Thrune. They fled into exile first to Castran. After only a few short months in Castran some of Cheliax’s agents found the family, and again they flee. Corlo being only an infant during the first leg of their exile remembers none of this.

Arriving in the outskirts of Erin’s Valley, they begin to restart their lives. Having managed to maintain most of the family wealth. Ursion and Aula own and operate a small trading post in what becomes a more gentrified section of Wolf’s Run, catering to the slightly more upscale middle class. it is here where Corlo meets his first and best friend Annabelle Kreiger. they proceeded to get in and out of various forms of trouble with the other local children.
The years pass Corlo and Annabelle are now both in their mid to late teens. Kyras Annabelle’s father the local sheriff at the time finds the young couple in a hay loft…
This coupled with some local troublemakers finding out that the family owning the trading post is a wanted by the Chellish authorities. Ursion thinks that this is a good time for his son to go out on his own and experience the world.

To escape the wrath of Kyras and the local troublemakers, Corlo at joins a gnomish trading caravan that conveniently happens to be just leaving town. Corlo spent the next three years as one of the hired hands on Dimbli Thikkenbot’s caravan of exotic arms learning the basics of combat, eventually gaining enough skill to be considered passable as a guard. Three days after being promoted to a guard the caravan heads off to Willowglen via the shortcut through the Greytangle. this proves to a disastrous decision as the Greytangle was the home of the Dreadbane goblin tribe. Ruled by the wrathful goblin king Ghuunk Wolfchewer. the first night in the tangle is quiet. the next morning is anything but… Over the next week the caravan is relentlessly hounded by goblin raids. In as many as five raids a day the caravan is slowly worn down by sheer numbers.

During the final raid Corlo kills a goblin alchemist and grabs one of the vials on the corpse and hurls it at the largest, ugliest goblin in the war party. The vial hits the goblin and she immediately ignites into a blinding inferno. The goblins seeing this are demoralized and are easily dispatched or run off by Corlo and the few remaining caravaneers. The caravan finally limps its way out of the Greytangle. The affront by Dimbli’s to not offer a portion of the caravans wealth to Ghuunk and to survive his onslaught offends the goblin king to the point of whipping his tribe into action to begin a pogrom on the surrounding local villages.

The caravan then travels to Dimbli’s home town of Crescent-home to lay him to rest. There he meets Miette Thekkinbot’s; Dimbli’s eccentric niece. Miette takes an immediate liking to Corlo, due to his meddling with the forces of Alchemy. She begins to instruct him in the basics of Alchemy. Corlo remains in Crescent-home for some time helping the gnomes fend off goblin or barbarian raids.

After spending his three years under Miette Corlo finally decides to go home. He begins by heading to the Greytangle to take some revenge for killing his friend and mentor Dimbli. His final act of terror on the goblin kingdom involved several kegs of black powder, a fork, some rope and a vase of vinegar. Finally eight years after leaving Wolf’s Run Corlo finds himself in Saint Lo. The start on his journey home is about to begin…..

Corlo Menas

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