Corporal Tarnon "Lamb-Chop" Sanders

Butcher-Shop Marine


Tarnon is a member of the Elite Butcher-Shop Marines.
Tarnon is specialized in Perception(6) and Stealth(7)

HP: 35, AC: 19, T: 13, FF: 16
F: +4, R: +4, W: +2

Melee: [+6 / +6 d6 +2 / d6 +2], Ranged: +6 d10


Tarnon’s story starts out in the western reaches where his family made their living by raising sheep and subsistence farming. Tarnon always dreamed of leaving the farm to pursue his own dreams of becoming a Tavern owner. One day while he was supposed to be watching the flock, he was off in the woods playing with his trusty pair of hand-axes. He then hears the orcish war horns blowing and he comes back in time to see the war party leaving his homestead carrying off his sheep flock, mother and younger sisters. He tracks the war party for two weeks, following the carcasses of his sheep. Finally the war party reaches its destination. The hold of a notorious warlord. Here he sees what remains of his flock of sheep. His mother and younger sisters are nowhere to be seen.
Tarnon takes what he has seen and makes all haste to the nearest military outpost. the Austurian Maarines stationed there set out to clear out the Orcish hold. Upon arriving a short skirmish ensues. the orcish war-band is destroyed. His mother is found dead outside the warlord’s hut and his sisters are found inside also dead. Tarnon joins the Austurian Marines to prevent this from happening to another family.

Corporal Tarnon "Lamb-Chop" Sanders

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