Corpral Ziti "Noodles" Alfredo

Butcher-Shop Marine


Ziti is a member of the Elite Butcher-Shop Marines:
Ziti is focused in Survival(7) and Diplomacy(6), Bluff(+5)

HP: 37, AC: 18, T: 11, FF: 17
F: +5, R: +2, W: +2

Melee: +6 d8 + 4, Ranged: +4 d10


Ziti likes to talk. In fact, he talks too much. He has an excuse for any sort of situation and will try to talk out of any sort of problem he gets into. Due to his young age, he never matured mentally. He connects to people through giving them funny nicknames or names that reminds of traits or abilities from his past experiences with them. One such surprising accurate nickname accidentally outed a long retired bank robber/child murderer which ended in a public hanging and his immediate and long lasting guilt. To get away from it all, he went to the local recruitment office with a hope to get as far as possible from his former care-free life. He is the reason the “Butcher-Shop Gang” has their such outlandish nicknames.

Corpral Ziti "Noodles" Alfredo

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