Laura "Rib-Eye" Lero

Butcher-Shop Marine


Laura is a member of the Elite Butcher-Shop Marines.
Laura is focused in Perception(8) Stealth(8) and Survival(+8)

HP: 35, AC: 18, T: 13, FF: 15
F: +4, R: +4, W: +3

Melee: +4 d8 + 1 Ranged: +7 d10 + 3


Laura grew up on the outskirts of the city of Saint-Lô. Laura and her twin sister Lena had a rather uneventful and happy childhood. Laura grew up being the more tomboyish type while her twin was more of the socialite. Shortly after their 17th birthday everything began to change, the economy began to slow. Every thing was fine for the first few months. Then the local thugs started taking advantage of the decreased funding provided to the local constabulary. The thuggery started with some minor vandalism and progressed up to the protection scheme very quickly. Soon the protection payments were more than their father a small business owner could afford.

One day while Laura was out hunting the local crime syndicate came by for their cut of the protection money. When Laura returned later that evening she found that her sister had been taken, with the caveat that she would be returned when the protection payment was payed in full with interest. The local constabulary were unable to do anything as they had participated in the shakedown.

Laura had had enough and decided to take action. She grabbed her cross bow and headed off towards the syndicate’s hideout. After arriving she noticed that the hideout was largely deserted. With only one guard out front, Laura took her time and lined up her shot. Thwack, the bolt pierced perfectly though the throat severing the guards spine. Laura reloaded and walked though the door finding only a few empty rooms, and the sounds of a minor scuffle from down the corridor. Approaching the sounds Laura finds the leader of the Crime Syndicate a man known as “The Big Bad Wolf” posing her sisters decapitated body.

The next thing Laura remembers is signing up for the Austurian Military in her sisters red cloak. The local papers reported the death of the crime syndicates leader only because of the way in which he was found. Decapitated and pin-cushioned to the front door of the hideout by crossbow bolts.

A year after joining the military Laura is recruited into the marines for her specific set of skills. She was the third to join the Butcher-Shop Marines, and has been a valued and well respected member ever since.

Laura "Rib-Eye" Lero

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