Zeke "Prime-Rib" Lazarus

Butcher-Shop Marine


Zeke is a member of the Elite Butcher-Shop Marines.
Zeke is focused in Handle Animal(7) and Heal(13)

HP: 34, AC: 17, T: 11, FF: 16
F: +4, R: +2, W: +3

Melee: “+ 6 d8 + 4” , Ranged: “+ 4, d10”


Zeke is a member of a formerly noble family that lost all of its wealth when their utilization of spies and assassins was discovered. Shortly after this information was made public the family died in a “mysterious” fire. Zeke only survived because he was away at medical school. With all of his families remaining assets seized, Zeke joined the Austurian army to avoid joining the underground organizations that his family utilized. Zeke started in the Calvary, he spent a few months there before being noticed for his medical expertise and being transferred to the Medical Calvary corps. Zeke was in the Medical Calvary Corps for three months before he had a falling out with his commander who transferred him to the to the Austurian Marines. Here Zeke found his himself assigned to the Butcher-Shop detachment of the marines. Initially treated poorly for his mildly scholarly nature. His fellow marines soon realized his potential after saving a wounded comrade.

Zeke "Prime-Rib" Lazarus

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