Marcus's Journal

Marcus Ardolin

- caught up with party number one attempting to save the kids. Found mutton and one kid dead. Will identify later.

- used ropes to descend deep under ground and fight creatures which climbed on walls. Used interesting powerful poisions. Will have to replicate.

- saved the five remaining children. Payday here we come.

- found last kid being ritually sacrificed by wall climbers. Was able to intervene.

- leader of the climbers created blackness all around us. Was able to track him as he ran away. The coward.

- uneventful return to the surface. Was greeted by small contingent of consortium guards.

- return to town uneventful. Made friends with a creature named Bentham. Possibly gay.

- town paid bounty in full. Kids are good money like that. They are throwing us a party. Managed to give one little scamp my old kukri. Gotta train them young.

- party went fine. Local political situation deteriorating fast. Our religious thug chose one camp quickly. I’ll pick up the other side and see if we can’t turn a profit.

Marcus's Journal

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